Our congratulations on the Ukraine Independence Day!  

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«City State» awarded participants of contest «Miss Schaslyv among schoolgirls of 9—11  forms, that took place  on 12 April at Schaslyve educational complex. Our congratulations to the winners!






Documents standards

Documents from a buyer

For registering an apartment purchase the buyer should submit the following documents (show originals and give copies):

1) passport;

2) card (certificate) of identification number;

3) marriage certificate.

In case if the buyer is officially married, then the written consent of a husband (wife) for making the contract of purchase and sale is additionally drawn up.


Documents standards


1. Reservation application form


1.1.  Reservation application form


2. Purchase and sale of real estate object contract


2.1.  Purchase and sale of a real estate object contract

2.2.  Appendix 1 – House Rules


3.  An apartment delivery-acceptance act


3.1. An apartment delivery-acceptance act